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ProLogic 3 5-Head Infrared Ray Lamp

ProLogic 3

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12.00 LBS

Salon Pros 5 Head Infrared Ray Lamp with Flexible Arms.

  • Promotes renewal and fast healing
  • Amplifies blood flow which leads to pain relief
  • Increases metabolism between blood and tissue
  • Decreases joint rigidity and lessen muscle spasms
  • Removes built up toxins by improving lymph flow
  • Assists in resolution of inflammatory infiltrated edema, and exudes
  • Affects soft tissue injury and increases the extensiveness of collagen tissue
  • Enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body's soft tissue areas
  • Enhances white blood cell function, thereby increasing immune response and the elimination of foreign pathogens and cellular waste products
  • Excites the hypothalamus, which controls the production of neuro-enhancing chemicals involved in such biological processes as sleep, mood, pain sensations, and blood pressure.
1 Year standard warranty on parts.